Industrial Cyber Security Services

Managing your industrial cyber security risks       


Operational managers should be demanding clear answers to

the following questions:

  • Which cyber threats can be expected to impact industrial systems?

  • Which cyber security protection measures are applied to industrial digital assets?

  • Which critical assets are we protecting to ensure continuous availability and reliability?

  • How are cyber security activities integrated in the ongoing operations?


Onrix supports customers identify their most critical digital assets and support a program tailored to mitigate casual human errors and specific cyber risks. The approach taken relies on a methodology aimed at focusing on the critical impact potential of digital systems loss or unreliability . The methodology promotes a phased approach to raise security maturity at a pace that is in line with the customer’s capability to implement and maintain best cyber security practices.

The cyber security management aspects will take into account the status of an organisation’s security posture regarding policies and procedures, security culture and human behaviour regarding use of the infrastructure and devices put at their disposal.

Measuring digital computing risks is imperative and should be  directly linked to sound mitigating decisions.

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